Model Call

What I'm looking for:

  • Families with multiple children or multigenerational homes.
  • Families with new siblings being brought home.
  • Families with special interests or hobbies
  • LGBTQIA+ Families

Session Details:

  • Session must occur in June or July
  • Session will be roughly 3 hours long - it may be longer or shorter depending on how eventful the session is!
  • This is a documentary session, which means I want to capture your family as it is. Don't go out of your way to have a super clean house or perfect outfits. There's no need to plan anything special or out of the ordinary. I want to photograph the messiness and the chaos (or lack there of) that is your life.

What do you get out of it?:

  • A 3-hour documentary session!!! (Valued at $375)
  • Access to a full gallery of documentary images.
  • 15 high-resolution images for you to download and keep forever and ever.


Wait!! I thought this was a model call. Why do I have to invest anything? That's a fair question. I do require $100 deposit for the model call. This deposit is fully refundable after your session occurs, or it may be applied towards the purchase of wall art or albums. This is simply out of fairness to all those who are interested in the model call - nothing's worse than losing your model call slot to someone who doesn't show up!!


Images from this Model Call will be used for photography competitions and advertisement purposes.