Erin + Matt

I was so excited to be able to visit Erin and Matt at their new home in Omaha, Nebraska. As I was following my Google Maps, I was beginning to get concerned that the map was confused, but eventually it got me to this hidden little gem.

First, Erin and Matt brought out their pups for some quality family time photos. When the pups decided they were over sitting, Erin and Matt showed me the way to their neighbors land (with permission) and we found beautiful fall colors and a stunning sunset.

Seriously...those colors though...*swoon*

Couple laughing in front of fall leaves in Omaha, Nebraska
Couple standing in front of fall colored tree in Omaha, Nebraska
Couple walking through field with fall colors
photograph of German Shepard in Omaha Nebraska
Siberian Husky smiling in a sunset field.
English bulldog in a sunlit field.
Professional dog photography of a terrier in Omaha Nebraska
Couple embracing in a sunset field outside of Omaha Nebraska.
Couple standing in a dirt road with fall trees in the background.
Omaha couple photographed under fall trees.
A woman snuggles her terrier in a sunlit field outside of Omaha, Nebraska
A couple play with their small tractor.
A couple posed for a photo under a sunlit tree in Omaha, Nebraska.
A couple stand with their four dogs in a dirt road North of Omaha Nebraska