The story of a photographer

Once upon a time there was a girl...and a camera...and a desire to capture all the things.

Hi!!! I'm Nicci. 

​I'm a little awkward. I laugh hysterically at my own jokes, which my five children find less than amusing.

I love capturing real moments. Real, raw, authentic moments are my bread and butter.

It's not uncommon for me to climb on or under anything that may help me get a different angle or perspective - anything to get the shot. Documenting intimate, emotion-filled moments is my bread and butter and gives me all the feels. 

​Moments. It's all about capturing those moments that will bring you back to your day.



Cari C.

“Nicci has journeyed through 2 weddings in our family in 3 months and she is awesome! We love her ability to catch us in just those perfect moments, ones we want to remember. Thank you so much!”

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