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Suki's Studio Maternity Session

Suki, Suki, Suki...could you possible be any more stunning?!?

Studio maternity portrait of mother wearing a crown and a bodysuit with fabric toss behind her.

Suki was 32 weeks along when she came into the studio for her maternity portrait session. During her pre-session consultation, I showed Suki this stunning bodysuit and she was totally for it.

When asked what her favorite thing has been about this pregnancy, Suki replied, "Getting to experience this pregnancy through the eyes of my other two girls has been my absolute favorite thing! They are so excited to welcome a new sister into our family!"

This time around, Suki is feeling a bit more tired than her last two pregnancies, but she's sure it's because she's chasing after the oldest two!

I also asked Suki what word of advice she would have for expecting mommas. She simply states, "Take the pictures...even if you feel swollen or don’t feel quite like yourself. These months will pass by quickly and sometimes our memories fade, but pictures will last forever. I will always cherish these pictures of my sweet family of four...about to be five."

Hair + Makeup: Jennifer Clark

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